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Home + Other Money Saving Tips

1. An emergency fund is a must
1. Cashback rewards cards
1. Determine how much you need
1. Keep an Active Shopping List
1. Make a weekly "money date."
1. Move bank accounts to take advantage of perks and earn more interest
1. Shop at the Right Time of Year
1. Use an automated tool
10. Borrow What You Rarely Need
10. Bundle cable and internet
10. Buy in bulk, but be careful
10. Close Closet Doors
10. Don’t spend big money entertaining your children.
10. Make a savings plan. 
10. Use blogs and Pinterest to learn DIY beauty treatments.
100. Make Your Own Flavored Beverages
100. Never give up.
101. Don't Keep Up With the Joneses
11. Negotiate rates with your credit card company or complete a balance transfer.
11. Outsource online.
11. Pay attention to expiration dates
11. Pay Your Bills Online
11. Save your coins - literally
11. Switch your cell phone plan
11. Try Generic
12. Clean out those closets.
12. Get creative with gifts.
12. Launder in Cold Temps
12. Monitor your electric bill
12. Speed up your grocery shopping
12. Use Supermarket Weekly Circulars
12. Use the 24-Hour Rule.
13. Air Dry Clothes
13. Buy video games that have a lot of replay value – and don’t acquire new ones until you’ve mastered what you have.
13. Choose quality over quantity.
13. Entertain Over Brunch Instead of Dinner
13. Lower your student loan payments
13. Sign up for the free loyalty cards
13. Treat yourself, but use it as an opportunity to save.
14. Bring your own grocery bags
14. Calculate purchases by hours worked instead of cost.
14. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions
14. Deal with your emotions.
14. Drink more water.
14. Eliminate Phantom Electricity
14. Make a Household Budget
15. Avoid convenience foods and fast food.
15. Get Back to Cleaning Basics
15. Have a bi-monthly “clean out the pantry” week
15. Make Your Own Cheap Wall Art
15. Stop trying to keep up with the Kardashians.
15. Track spending
15. Unsubscribe.
16. Brown bag your lunch
16. For heaven’s sake, quit smoking.
16. Place a reminder on your card.
16. Read a personal finance book.
16. Refinance your mortgage
16. Skip the Candles
16. Take Free Classes
17. Balance your "FOMO/YOLO" mind-set.
17. Learn Basic House Maintenance
17. Learn to use up leftovers
17. Make a quadruple batch of a casserole.
17. Organize and Use Your Pantry
17. Participate in a local Investment Development Account (or IDA) program. .
17. Set savings goals
18. Always Check for Online Coupons and Discounts
18. Map out your financial goals.
18. Pay off credit cards in full each month.
18. Plan for “I don’t feel like cooking” nights
18. Turn off the lights.
18. Rent a Steam Cleaner
19. Get a slow cooker
19. Keep your eye on the prize.
19. Learn to Sew
19. Make Your Own Drapes
19. Start with a goal of reducing your credit card debt by just $1,000.
19. Swap books, music, and DVDs on the Internet or at the library.
2. Establish your budget. The best way to jumpstart establishing a budget is to realize your spending habits.
2. Get your debt under control
2. Make Pantry-Compatible Recipes
2. Plan out your meals for the week. 
2. Renegotiate Your Rent or Refinance Your Mortgage
2. Switch bank accounts
2. Take manual savings actions
2. Turn off the television.
20. Become a vegetarian (some of the time)
20. Maximize yard sales.
20. Repair Small Things ASAP
20. Track your progress.
20. Use Free Designers and Advice
20. Use only the ATMs of your bank or credit union.
21. Check your credit report for free once a year.
21. Drink Discount Wines
21. Drink water
21. Install CFLs or LEDs wherever it makes sense.
21. Seek Out Thrifty Décor
22. DIY Only Within Your Limits
22. Eat in season and locally
22. Install a programmable thermostat.
22. Pay your bills on auto-pay.
22. Use Energy Efficient Lighting
23. Be Your Own Barista
23. Buy quality appliances that will last.
23. Dine out intelligently
23. Get free debt counseling.
23. Suggest a Barter
24. Clean or change out your car’s air filter.
24. Do a House Sweep to Organize Your Stuff
24. Eat less
24. Join Store Loyalty Programs
24. Take advantage of your library
25. Browse online for free or low-cost local entertainment.
25. Find Cheaper Gas
25. Maintain your car
25. Make your own gifts instead of buying stuff from the store.
25. Repurpose What You’ve Got
26. Close the Gaps
26. Improve your gas mileage
26. Make Your Own Cleaners
26. Plan your meals around your grocery store’s flyer.
26. Volunteer at festivals. 
27. Create a family spending limit on gifts.
27. Divide Landscaping Plants and Use Transplants
27. Do a price comparison – and find a cheaper grocery store.
27. Invest in Warm Blankets
27. Shop around online for gas
28. Buy Rechargeables
28. Don’t wait until you’re running on fumes to gas up
28. Make your own when you can.
28. Plan gift-giving well in advance.
28. Rethink Your Cable
29. Avoid stress-spending.
29. Buy in Season or Frozen Veggies
29. Car pool
29. Downsize Collectibles
29. It’s never too soon to start saving for college.
3. Budget with cash and envelopes.
3. Cut out cable.
3. Eat Fresh
3. Get a Sunday Paper Delivery
3. Negotiate new rates on your credit cards
3. Prep for grocery shopping
3. Put retirement savings on temporary hold
3. Stop collecting, and start selling
30. Buy Generic
30. Don't buy cheap clothes for cheap's sake.
30. Get Paid to Recycle
30. Public transportation isn’t just for New Yorkers
30. Share your dreams with people you love.
31. Cash Back Reward Cards
31. Do a “maintenance run” on your appliances.
31. Landscape with Transplanted Plants
31. Organize a neighborhood swap meet.
31. Shop around for the best auto insurance rate
32. Cancel unused club memberships.
32. Clean Out the Garage (and Get Rid of the Storage Unit!)
32. Designate one day a week a "no spend day."
32. Pack Your Lunch
32. The same actually goes for life insurance
33. Brown bag your lunch.
33. Buy used when you can.
33. Cancel Certain Memberships
33. If your car is worth less than $2000, drop collision and comprehensive coverage
33. Unload Your Car
34. Commit to eating out one fewer time each month.
34. Increase your deductible
34. Keep a ‘Pass Along’ Closet
34. Shop for new auto and/or home insurance.
34. Stop Buying Bottled Water
35. Check for multi-policy discounts
35. Consider a Stay-Cation
35. Plan your meals in advance and stick to a list while grocery shopping
35. Remove your credit card numbers from your online accounts.
35. Repurpose Instead of Buying New
36. ‘I’ll take a water, thank you.’
36. Get rewards for buying gasoline
36. Give the gift of labor.
36. Recycle for Cash
36. Reduce Unused Expenses
37. Curb the Takeout
37. Do holiday shopping right after the holidays.
37. Live small
37. Save time and money by doubling the recipe.
37. Use Online Bill Pay
38. Don't skimp on preventive healthcare.
38. Go Through Mail Daily
38. Insulate
38. Join up with a volunteer program.
38. Use Public Transportation
39. Find air leaks
39. Go generic
39. Start Using Rechargeable Batteries
39. Stay on Task with a To-Do Calendar
4. Collect Spare Change
4. Don't just save money, save for your future.
4. Hydrate with H2O
4. Order smaller servings at restaurants
4. Switch to an exercise pass program.
4. Use Coupon Apps
4. Use credit cards wisely.
4. Use technology to make saving less painful
40. Collect Spare Change (and $5 Bills)
40. Comparison shop for prescription drugs.
40. Get an energy audit
40. Smart At-Home Printing
40. Try generic brands of items you buy regularly.
41. Lock On Heating Oil Prices When Low
41. Make like your dad and turn off all lights
41. Prepare some meals at home.
41. Purchase store brand over-the-counter medications.
41. Wash Clothes in Cold Water
42. Change/Clean Your Filters
42. Comparison shop for homeowners insurance.
42. Install CFL or LED bulbs
42. Pay a Double Mortgage in December
42. Switch to term life insurance.
43. Dry Clean Less
43. Install a programmable thermostat
43. Pay Auto Insurance Annually in Full
43. Refinance your mortgage.
43. Stick to reliable, fuel-efficient cars.
44. Audit your home energy use.
44. Avoid the mall.
44. Buy Cookware at Discount Home Stores
44. Coordinate Cash Back Rewards
44. Unplug energy vampires
45. Automate Savings
45. Maintain your appliances
45. Master the 10-second rule.
45. Use Takeout Coupons
45. Weatherproof your home.
46. Do Once-a-Year Comparison Shopping
46. Get Rid of Clutter
46. Keep the sun out.
46. Rent out unused space in your home
46. Rent out unused space in your home.
47. Complain About Costs
47. Create a visual reminder of your debt.
47. Install a low-flow showerhead
47. Turn Off the Lights
47. Use less water.
48. Cancel magazine subscriptions.
48. Cut laundry detergent use in half.
48. Downgrade your cable, phone and internet
48. Make Your Own Gifts
48. Replace single pane windows
48. Skip the Fads
49. Avoid the Latest Technology – For Now
49. Cook Cheap Recipes
49. Eat breakfast.
49. Go natural.
5. Ask for gift money
5. Get discounts on entertainment
5. Have Potluck Gatherings
5. Host a potluck. 
5. Make meal plans
5. Save automatically.
5. Sign up for every free customer rewards program you can.
5. Switch to Cloth Napkins
50. Become a Consignor Aficionado
50. Lower the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees.
50. Reuse Containers
50. Swap babysitting with neighbors.
50. Use shades judiciously
51. Buy Big for Quality, Not Cost
51. Ditch the paper:
51. Don’t fear leftovers: Jazz them up instead.
51. Install storm windows
51. Use Solar Lights
52. Become a Coupon King or Queen.
52. Boil water in the microwave, rather than on the stovetop
52. Go through your clothes – all of them.
52. Install Window Coverings
52. Read the Small Print – All of It
53. Brown bag your lunch.
53. Comparison shop for auto insurance. Before renewing your existing auto insurance policy each year, check out the rates of competing companies.
53. Get a Better Cell/Data Plan
53. Keep your freezer full
53. Mom Swap for Kid Stuff
54. Check multiple sites for low airfares.
54. Install a low-flow toilet
54. Learn how to dress minimally.
54. Line dry your clothes
54. Outfit Kids Frugally
54. Start a Vegetable Garden
55. Ask for help and encouragement from your inner circle.
55. Do Your Own Nails
55. Play Make-Believe with the Kids
55. Use your dishwasher
56. Be Selective about Fundraising for the Kids
56. Buy Certain Things in Bulk
56. Try to fix things yourself.
57. But turn off the dishwasher’s heat dry function
57. Keep an idea notebook in your pocket.
57. Lower Your Heat or Turn Down Your AC
57. Schedule Regular Doctor Visits
58. Entertain at Home
58. Fix leaky faucets
58. Have Good Oral Hygiene
58. Invest in a deep freezer.
59. Cheaper Curb Appeal
59. Exercise Around the Block
59. If it’s yellow, let it mellow
59. Look for a cheaper place to live.
6. ‘Start Small. Think Big,’ with a short- term goal
6. Cook in Bulk, Skip the Drive-Thru
6. Dollar Store Household Items
6. Get a side hustle
6. Leverage lodging rental websites.
6. Make a grocery list and stick to it
6. Map out major purchases
6. Master the 30-day rule.
60. Change your HVAC filter once a month
60. Check out free events in town.
60. Get Beautiful with Friends
60. Recycle Wrapping Paper
61. Inflate your tires.
61. Lower your water heater’s temperature
61. Make Your Own Beauty Products
61. Seek Out the Services of Students
62. Get Preventative Care for Pets
62. Start a garden.
62. Stick to Shopping Lists
62. Wash your laundry in cold water
63. Dig into your community calendar.
63. Skip Storage Units
63. Stay healthy
63. Unplug the Boob Tube
64. Get in the habit of walking
64. Learn to Say No…and Mean It
64. Shop Around Contractor Quotes
64. Take public transportation.
65. Bike to work
65. Cut your own hair.
65. Plug Electronics Into Power Strips
66. Carpool.
66. Garden
66. Shop Resellers for Designer Items
67. Design your ‘debt snowball.’
67. Lower Your Credit Card Rates
67. Quit your bad habits
68. Don’t let your doctor be a stranger
68. Get a crock pot.
68. Run Full Loads of Wash or Dishes
69. Ask questions
69. Do some basic home and auto maintenance on a regular schedule.
69. Pay January's Mortgage Payment Early
7. Cherry pick the grocery deals
7. Make coffee at home.
7. Relax for Less
7. Restrict online shopping
7. Start saving for your retirement as early as possible. .
7. Subscribe to Sunday’s Paper
7. Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.
70. Buy staples in bulk.
70. Go generic
70. Plan Family Get-Togethers
71. Ask about discounts and samples for medication
71. Keep Your Freezer Full
71. Pack food for road trips.
72. Go through your cell phone bill, look for services you don’t use, and ditch them.
72. Print Coupons Online
72. Try home remedies
73. Consolidate your student loans.
73. Understand your coverage
73. Use Ceiling Fans
74. Adjust Your Water Heater
74. Shop around
74. When buying a car, look only at used models.
75. Ask about a prompt-pay discount
75. Hit the library – hard.
75. Learn to Mend Your Clothes
76. Have your hospital bill itemized
76. Let Discount Stores Be Your Friend
76. Use a simple razor to shave.
77. Enroll in a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account
77. Find daily inspiration for making intelligent moves.
77. Skip Online Photo Books
78. Learn about all of the benefits your company offers.
78. Weather Strip Doors and Windows
78. Write down all your spending
79. Make your own cleaning supplies instead of buying them.
79. Save on Kid Entertainment
79. Start a budget
8. Buy generic
8. Grow Some Herbs
8. Invite friends over instead of going out.
8. Make Snacks, Don’t Buy Them
8. Make your own gifts
8. Take full advantage of employer matches to your retirement plan.
80. Plant Perennials
80. Set goals for saving
80. Suggest cheap activities when meeting up with family and friends.
81. Don’t speed.
81. Make a plan for saving
81. Tune up Your HVAC regularly
82. Donate Gently Used Stuff
82. Read more.
82. Set your priorities
83. Buy a smaller house.
83. Eat Leftovers
83. Make saving money automatic
84. Be Smart About Organic
84. Create barriers to unnecessary spending
84. Drive a different route to work.
85. Keep a Good Closet
85. Sign up for programs that pay you back for your spending
85. Always ask for fees to be waived.
86. Don’t overspend on hygiene products.
86. Keep your savings in a high-interest account
86. Warehouse Club Hidden Benefits
87. Bundle Your Communications
87. Eat less meat.
87. Watch your money grow!
88. Do Your Own Painting
88. Use a brutally effective coupon strategy.
89. Air seal your home.
89. Monitor Splurges
9. Drop Your Bad Habits
9. Lower your car payment
9. Pay attention to unit costs
9. Repair clothing instead of tossing it.
9. Save your windfalls and tax refunds.
9. View Coupons as Money
9. Wait 48 hours before you click "buy."
90. Make your own beer or wine.
90. Use Free Apps
91. Make sure all your electrical devices are on a surge protector.
91. Strategically Shop Sale and Clearance Sections
92. Do Certain Repairs Yourself
92. Get on the automatic repayment plan for any student loans you have.
93. Cut Down on Designer Kids Clothes
93. Cut down on your vacation spending.
94. Cancel the cable or satellite channels you don’t watch.
94. Stock Up on Cheap Gifts
95. Exercise more.
95. Use Air Purifying House Plants
96. Skip Designer Decor
96. Utilize online bill pay with your bank.
97. Cheap Flowers
97. Connect your entertainment center and/or computer setup to a true smart power strip.
98. Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake.
98. Rent a Dress
99. Always keep looking ahead.
99. Contribute Monthly to Your Savings Account
A Quick Coat of Paint
Around the House, Bills and Expenses:
Around the House, in General:
Basic Car Maintenance
Bottom of Form
Browse the web for coupon codes before buying anything online.
Buy generic for the stuff you don't care about.
Buy produce when it's in season and save up to 15% on grocery bills.
Caulk it!
Change Furnace Filter and Save up to $60 a Year
Change your car's air filter to save gas money.
Change Your Spark Plugs Early
Check for Brake Drag
Check Tire Pressure Regularly
Clean Furnace and Air Conditioning Filters Regularly
Clean your dryer lint trap to increase efficiency by 75%.
Cook with a crock pot and save over $2,000 each year.
Cut cable and save about $650 a year.
Ditch the Wood Paneling
Drive 55
Feed the Lawn
Find the Best Life Insurance
Fix Broken Air Dams and Splash Guards
Get Rid of Your Laminate Floor
Get serious about a budget
Growing Your Own Vegetables
How to Restore Your Deck
Ignore 'Sell By' dates to stop wasting food and save up to $500 a year.
Implement the 'à la carte' method to save money on subscriptions.
Install a Clothes Line
Install a Ductless Mini Split HVAC System
Install a Water Heater Timer
Install low-flow water faucets and save up to 60% on your water bill.
Insulate your hot water heater to save up to 9% on utilities.
Insulation is Key
Invest in a programmable thermostat and save about $150 per year.
Keep an Eye on Warning Lights
Keep Tires in Alignment
Lighten Up on the Heavy Acceleration
Long-term money-saving tips
Make Your Own Household Cleaners
Monthly money-saving tips
Plan your shopping trips around common sales cycles.
Preventative Savings:
Rent Versus Purchase
Repair and Reglaze Windows
Repair Any Holes
Replace a Failing Thermostat
Replace Your Cabin Air Filter
Repurpose Old Clothing
Repurpose Old Jars and Containers for Free Garage Storage
Repurpose Used Furniture
Repurpose Used or Leftover Building Materials
Saving on Kids Things Around the House:
Seal windows and doorways to save 15% on heating costs.
Stop buying all-organic produce and watch your grocery bill shrink.
Stop buying bottled water and save about $200 a year.
Switch to Energy Star Products
Unplug your electronics at night and save $100 per year.
Update your light bulbs and save up to 80% on your electricity bill.
Use curtains and blinds to cut cooling costs by 45%.
Use free veterinarian clinics to save up to $340 per year.
Use the right-sized cookware and save $36 per year.
Weatherstripping is Easy
Work more.
You Can Refinish Your Own Hardwood

By The TEAM Writers

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